So, after finishing up two very long arcs, after two other long arcs, I’ve gotten behind on my bonus content for site members and Patreon patrons.

So, while I am doing all the world building associated with the next, new and exciting arc of Phineus, I am getting caught up on all the Bonus content, that my patrons are due.

Additionally, I am teaching myself a new art skill, working 100% digitally from thumbs to color. It’s great fun. (The above is the first test page I created digitally.)

It won’t be a long break from free comics, but it will be a break. We have thousands of page in the archive and if you want the newest and best, become a member and get access to all the great new stuff I’m working on, right now. I will also be posting the world building art to patrons, as well.

So, hang tight, join up and enjoy the fruits of all my labors!