The New Adventures of Phineus. Comics from 2013. Starting with the epic, Kali Saga.

Ordinary People

Still sore from Phineus’ betrayal, Sara and the baby, Nikki are out shopping and run afoul of bugs of enormous size. Meanwhile Phin and Mojo fight off the Dread Crabzilla! The first chapter of The Kali Saga!
Jan 01, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 02, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 03, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 04, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 07, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 08, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 09, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 10, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 11, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 14, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 15, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 16, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 17, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 18, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 21, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 22, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 23, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 24, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 25, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 28, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 29, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 30, 2013Ordinary People
Jan 31, 2013Ordinary People

Belly of the Beast

Phin and Mojo continue their battle with Crabzilla.
Feb 01, 2013Belly Of The Beast
Feb 04, 2013Belly Of The Beast
Feb 05, 2013Belly Of The Beast
Feb 06, 2013Belly Of The Beast
Feb 07, 2013Belly Of The Beast
Feb 08, 2013Belly Of The Beast
Feb 11, 2013Belly Of The Beast
Feb 12, 2013Belly Of The Beast
Feb 13, 2013Belly Of The Beast
Feb 14, 2013Belly Of The Beast
Feb 15, 2013Belly Of The Beast
Feb 18, 2013Belly Of The Beast
Feb 19, 2013Belly Of The Beast
Feb 20, 2013Belly Of The Beast
Feb 21, 2013Belly Of The Beast
Feb 22, 2013Belly Of The Beast
Feb 25, 2013Belly Of The Beast
Feb 26, 2013Belly Of The Beast
Feb 27, 2013Belly Of The Beast
Feb 28, 2013Belly Of The Beast

Gods and Monsters

The history of the universe is explained to two of The Black Mages by the Old One. The Mythological background of the Phineus Universe! NSFW.
Mar 01, 2013Gods And Monsters
Mar 04, 2013Gods And Monsters
Mar 05, 2013Gods And Monsters
Mar 06, 2013Gods And Monsters
Mar 07, 2013Gods And Monsters
Mar 08, 2013Gods And Monsters
Mar 11, 2013Gods And Monsters
Mar 12, 2013Gods And Monsters
Mar 13, 2013Gods And Monsters
Mar 14, 2013Gods And Monsters
Mar 15, 2013Gods And Monsters
Mar 18, 2013Gods And Monsters
Mar 19, 2013Gods And Monsters
Mar 20, 2013Gods And Monsters
Mar 21, 2013Gods And Monsters
Mar 22, 2013Gods And Monsters
Mar 25, 2013Gods And Monsters
Mar 26, 2013Gods And Monsters
Mar 27, 2013Gods And Monsters
Mar 28, 2013Gods And Monsters
Mar 29, 2013Gods And Monsters


The Black Mages make their plans known and Phineus and Fr. Ben try and figure out where Crabzilla came from.
Apr 01, 2013Unearthed
Apr 02, 2013Unearthed
Apr 03, 2013Unearthed
Apr 04, 2013Unearthed
Apr 05, 2013Unearthed
Apr 08, 2013Unearthed
Apr 09, 2013Unearthed
Apr 10, 2013Unearthed
Apr 11, 2013Unearthed
Apr 12, 2013Unearthed
Apr 15, 2013Unearthed
Apr 16, 2013Unearthed
Apr 17, 2013Unearthed
Apr 18, 2013Unearthed
Apr 19, 2013Unearthed
Apr 22, 2013Unearthed
Apr 23, 2013Unearthed
Apr 24, 2013Unearthed
Apr 25, 2013Unearthed
Apr 26, 2013Unearthed
Apr 29, 2013Unearthed
Apr 30, 2013Unearthed

The Call

The strange appearance of monsters all over the world continues. Brother Maynard and Kris Kringle and his protoge’ Rugnar guest star!
May 01, 2013The Call
May 02, 2013The Call
May 03, 2013The Call
May 06, 2013The Call
May 07, 2013The Call
May 08, 2013The Call
May 09, 2013The Call
May 10, 2013The Call
May 13, 2013The Call
May 14, 2013The Call
May 15, 2013The Call
May 16, 2013The Call
May 17, 2013The Call
May 20, 2013The Call
May 21, 2013The Call
May 22, 2013The Call
May 23, 2013The Call
May 24, 2013The Call
May 27, 2013The Call
May 28, 2013The Call
May 29, 2013The Call
May 30, 2013The Call
May 31, 2013The Call


Gd7 faces off against a giant bigfoot while Phin and Sara get assigned a mission to help save the world.
Jun 03, 2013Threshold
Jun 04, 2013Threshold
Jun 05, 2013Threshold
Jun 06, 2013Threshold
Jun 10, 2013Threshold
Jun 12, 2013Threshold
Jun 13, 2013Threshold
Jun 14, 2013Threshold
Jun 17, 2013Threshold
Jun 18, 2013Threshold
Jun 19, 2013Threshold
Jun 20, 2013Threshold
Jun 21, 2013Threshold
Jun 24, 2013Threshold
Jun 25, 2013Threshold
Jun 26, 2013Threshold
Jun 27, 2013Threshold
Jun 28, 2013Threshold


Giant creatures attack across the world. Phineus, Sara and Ben meet with other heroes at the Mages Council HQ in a bud to save the world.
Jul 01, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 02, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 03, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 04, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 05, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 08, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 09, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 10, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 11, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 12, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 15, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 16, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 17, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 18, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 19, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 22, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 23, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 24, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 25, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 26, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 29, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 30, 2013Monstergeddon
Jul 31, 2013Monstergeddon


The team heads to the Brazilian rainforest, in search if the Spear of Longinus and find some nasty surprises.
Aug 01, 2013Ragnarockin
Aug 02, 2013Ragnarockin
Aug 09, 2013Ragnarockin
Aug 12, 2013Ragnarockin
Aug 13, 2013Ragnarockin
Aug 14, 2013Ragnarockin
Aug 15, 2013Ragnarockin
Aug 16, 2013Ragnarockin
Aug 19, 2013Ragnarockin
Aug 20, 2013Ragnarockin
Aug 21, 2013Ragnarockin
Aug 22, 2013Ragnarockin
Aug 23, 2013Ragnarockin
Aug 26, 2013Ragnarockin
Aug 27, 2013Ragnarockin
Aug 28, 2013Ragnarockin
Aug 29, 2013Ragnarockin
Aug 30, 2013Ragnarockin

When a Hero Goes Down

The team do battle with Mojaekum and the Eyeclopse in the temple of Shub Niggarath.

Hula Hoop Mummies Must Die!

Bonus comic available for download! Terry Lingal, Duncan Borrl and the members of Greystar’s Heroes go to Egypt to find the Seal of Solomon to fight Kali.

Another Mistake By The Lake

The forces of evil and the forces of good converge on Cleveland as the final battle against Kali and her minions begins.

A Clash Of Titans

Phin and company prepare to enter “The Pit”, when an unexpected visitor and an unexpected friend arive.
Nov 01, 2013Clash Of Titans
Nov 02, 2013Clash Of Titans
Nov 04, 2013Clash Of Titans
Nov 05, 2013Clash Of Titans
Nov 06, 2013Clash Of Titans
Nov 07, 2013Clash Of Titans
Nov 08, 2013Clash Of Titans
Nov 11, 2013Clash Of Titans
Nov 12, 2013Clash Of Titans
Nov 13, 2013Clash Of Titans
Nov 14, 2013Clash Of Titans
Nov 15, 2013Clash Of Titans
Nov 18, 2013Clash Of Titans
Nov 19, 2013Clash Of Titans
Nov 20, 2013Clash Of Titans
Nov 21, 2013Clash Of Titans
Nov 22, 2013Clash Of Titans
Nov 25, 2013Clash Of Titans
Nov 26, 2013Clash Of Titans
Nov 27, 2013Clash Of Titans
Nov 28, 2013Clash Of Titans
Nov 29, 2013Clash Of Titans

Under the God

The forces of good, led by Phineus confront Kali and her army of demons in a last ditch, desperate attempt to stop the end of the world. The final chapter of The Kali Saga!
Dec 02, 2013Under The God
Dec 03, 2013Under The God
Dec 04, 2013Under The God
Dec 05, 2013Under The God
Dec 06, 2013Under The God
Dec 09, 2013Under The God
Dec 10, 2013Under The God
Dec 11, 2013Under The God
Dec 12, 2013Under The God
Dec 13, 2013Under The God
Dec 16, 2013Under The God
Dec 17, 2013Under The God
Dec 18, 2013Under The God
Dec 19, 2013Under The God
Dec 20, 2013Under The God
Dec 23, 2013Under The God
Dec 24, 2013Under The God
Dec 25, 2013Under The God
Dec 26, 2013Under The God
Dec 27, 2013Under The God
Dec 30, 2013Under The God
Dec 31, 2013Under The God
Jan 01, 2014Under The God
Jan 02, 2014Under The God
Jan 03, 2014Under The God
Jan 06, 2014Under The God
Jan 07, 2014Under The God
Jan 08, 2014Under The God
Jan 09, 2014Under The God
Jan 10, 2014Under The God
Jan 13, 2014Under The God
Jan 14, 2014Under The God
Jan 15, 2014Under The God
Jan 16, 2014Under The God
Jan 17, 2014Under The God
Jan 20, 2014Under The God
Jan 21, 2014Under The God

Sons of Fenris

GD7 and The Non-Standard Assembly attempt to locate the God Nails, to defeat Kali and run into some old friends.
Feb 02, 2014Sons of Fenris

Apocalypse Child

Phin and Sara are coping with the aftermath of the battle with Kali and her forces. Phin is given new responsibilities and strange disappearances are occurring around Pittsburgh.
Feb 03, 2014Apocalypse Child
Feb 05, 2014Apocalypse Child
Feb 07, 2014Apocalypse Child
Feb 10, 2014Apocalypse Child
Feb 12, 2014Apocalypse Child
Feb 14, 2014Apocalypse Child
Feb 17, 2014Apocalypse Child
Feb 19, 2014Apocalypse Child
Feb 21, 2014Apocalypse Child
Feb 24, 2014Apocalypse Child
Feb 26, 2014Apocalypse Child
Feb 28, 2014Apocalypse Child
Mar 03, 2014Apocalypse Child
Mar 05, 2014Apocalypse Child
Mar 07, 2014Apocalypse Child
Mar 10, 2014Apocalypse Child
Mar 12, 2014Apocalypse Child
Mar 14, 2014Apocalypse Child
Mar 17, 2014Apocalypse Child
Mar 19, 2014Apocalypse Child
Mar 21, 2014Apocalypse Child
Mar 24, 2014Apocalypse Child
Mar 26, 2014Apocalypse Child
Mar 28, 2014Apocalypse Child
Mar 31, 2014Apocalypse Child
Apr 02, 2014Apocalypse Child
Apr 04, 2014Apocalypse Child
Apr 07, 2014Apocalypse Child
Apr 09, 2014Apocalypse Child
Apr 11, 2014Apocalypse Child
Apr 16, 2014Apocalypse Child
Apr 18, 2014Apocalypse Child
Apr 21, 2014Apocalypse Child
Apr 23, 2014Apocalypse Child
Apr 25, 2014Apocalypse Child
Apr 28, 2014Apocalypse Child
Apr 30, 2014Apocalypse Child
May 02, 2014Apocalypse Child
May 05, 2014Apocalypse Child
May 07, 2014Apocalypse Child
May 09, 2014Apocalypse Child
May 12, 2014Apocalypse Child
May 14, 2014Apocalypse Child
May 16, 2014Apocalypse Child
May 19, 2014Apocalypse Child
May 21, 2014Apocalypse Child
May 23, 2014Apocalypse Child
May 26, 2014Apocalypse Child
May 28, 2014Apocalypse Child
May 30, 2014Apocalypse Child
Jun 02, 2014Apocalypse Child
Jun 04, 2014Apocalypse Child
Jun 06, 2014Apocalypse Child
Jun 09, 2014Apocalypse Child

Vortempest Celestial Incident

It’s 1989 and the Members of GD7 face off against a 40 story extra-dimensional nightmare.

A Day in the Life

The Beam building is a weird and fantastical place. A single day here, contains more weird than most places see in centuries.
Jun 11, 2014A Day In Th Life
Jun 13, 2014A Day In Th Life
Jun 16, 2014A Day In Th Life
Jun 18, 2014A Day In Th Life
Jun 20, 2014A Day In Th Life
Jun 23, 2014A Day In Th Life
Jun 25, 2014A Day In Th Life
Jun 27, 2014A Day In Th Life
Jun 30, 2014A Day In Th Life
Jul 02, 2014A Day In Th Life
Jul 04, 2014A Day In Th Life
Jul 07, 2014A Day In Th Life
Jul 09, 2014A Day In Th Life
Jul 11, 2014A Day In Th Life
Jul 14, 2014A Day In Th Life
Jul 16, 2014A Day In Th Life
Jul 18, 2014A Day In Th Life
Jul 21, 2014A Day In Th Life
Jul 23, 2014A Day In Th Life
Jul 25, 2014A Day In Th Life
Jul 28, 2014A Day In Th Life
Jul 30, 2014A Day In Th Life
Aug 01, 2014A Day In Th Life
Aug 04, 2014A Day In Th Life
Aug 06, 2014A Day In Th Life
Aug 08, 2014A Day In Th Life
Aug 11, 2014A Day In Th Life
Aug 13, 2014A Day In Th Life
Aug 15, 2014A Day In Th Life
Aug 18, 2014A Day In Th Life
Aug 20, 2014A Day In Th Life
Aug 22, 2014A Day In Th Life
Aug 25, 2014A Day In Th Life
Aug 27, 2014A Day In Th Life
Aug 29, 2014A Day In Th Life
Sep 01, 2014A Day In Th Life
Sep 03, 2014A Day In Th Life
Sep 05, 2014A Day In Th Life
Sep 08, 2014A Day In Th Life
Sep 10, 2014A Day In Th Life
Sep 12, 2014A Day In Th Life
Sep 15, 2014A Day In Th Life

The Haitian Zombie Clambake

It’s 1979. Ben Billings is on his first solo mission from the Vatican/Council demonic and witchcraft task force. Ben is sent to a remote area of Haiti to investigate strange happenings and missing villages. not just villagers, but whole villages.all is not what it seems to be, including a very unlikely ally and unexpected complications.

Worm Sign

A new chapter, new issues with a really big worm
Sep 17, 2014Worm Sign
Sep 19, 2014Worm Sign
Sep 22, 2014Worm Sign
Sep 24, 2014Worm Sign
Sep 26, 2014Worm Sign
Sep 29, 2014Worm Sign
Oct 01, 2014Worm Sign
Oct 03, 2014Worm Sign
Oct 06, 2014Worm Sign
Oct 08, 2014Worm Sign
Oct 10, 2014Worm Sign
Oct 13, 2014Worm Sign
Oct 15, 2014Worm Sign
Oct 17, 2014Worm Sign
Oct 20, 2014Worm Sign
Oct 22, 2014Worm Sign
Oct 24, 2014Worm Sign
Oct 27, 2014Worm Sign
Oct 29, 2014Worm Sign
Oct 31, 2014Worm Sign
Nov 03, 2014Worm Sign
Nov 05, 2014Worm Sign
Nov 07, 2014Worm Sign
Nov 10, 2014Worm Sign
Nov 12, 2014Worm Sign
Nov 14, 2014Worm Sign
Nov 17, 2014Worm Sign
Nov 19, 2014Worm Sign
Nov 21, 2014Worm Sign
Nov 24, 2014Worm Sign

Sheila the Imp and the Lavaman

Dwarven scout Sheila Warwalker finds some disturbing news under the North Pole.
Nov 26, 2014Sheila
Nov 27, 2014Sheila
Nov 28, 2014Sheila
Dec 01, 2014Sheila
Dec 03, 2014Sheila
Dec 05, 2014Sheila
Dec 12, 2014Sheila
Dec 15, 2014Sheila
Dec 17, 2014Sheila
Dec 19, 2014Sheila
Dec 23, 2014Sheila
Dec 29, 2014Sheila
Jan 01, 2015Sheila
Jan 05, 2015Sheila
Jan 07, 2015Sheila

Down the Rabbit Hole

Phin, Sara and Rugnar delve into the cave left by the giant worm , last issue. Against the orders of The Council, with the help of Kris Kringle, our heroes are seeking out the forces that seek to destroy Phineus and possibly the world.

Deeper and Deeper

Our heroes go, head first into the abyss. Will it lead them to the long sought after, Hollow Earth?
May 25, 2015Deeper And Deeper
May 27, 2015Deeper And Deeper
May 29, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jun 01, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jun 03, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jun 05, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jun 08, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jun 10, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jun 12, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jun 15, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jun 17, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jun 19, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jun 22, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jun 24, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jul 01, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jul 03, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jul 06, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jul 08, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jul 10, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jul 13, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jul 15, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jul 17, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jul 20, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jul 22, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jul 24, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jul 27, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jul 29, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Jul 31, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Aug 03, 2015Deeper And Deeper
Aug 05, 2015Deeper And Deeper

Buried History

After defeating the tyrannosaurus rex and strange looking alien creatures, our heroes are greeted by a starnge old man. a man who seems like he has a story to tell. is it one our heroes will want to hear?

Kringle’s Last Stand

Kris and the boys defend their Greenland strong-hold against the green tide of goblins from the Hollow Earth.


What’s that Black thing, over there?
Feb 17, 2016Blackened Cover
Feb 19, 2016Blackened Credits
Feb 22, 2016Blackened 1
Feb 24, 2016Blackened 2
Feb 26, 2016Blackened 3
Feb 29, 2016Blackened 4
Mar 02, 2016Blackened 5
Mar 04, 2016Blackened 6
Mar 07, 2016Blackened 7
Mar 09, 2016Blackened 8
Mar 11, 2016Blackened 9
Mar 14, 2016Blackened 10
Mar 16, 2016Blackened 11
Mar 18, 2016Blackened 12
Mar 21, 2016Blackened 13
Mar 23, 2016Blackened 14
Mar 25, 2016Blackened 15
Mar 28, 2016Blackened 16
Mar 30, 2016Blackened 17
Apr 01, 2016Blackened 18
Apr 04, 2016Blackened 19
Apr 06, 2016Blackened 20
Apr 08, 2016Blackened 21
Apr 11, 2016Blackened 22
Apr 13, 2016Blackened 23
Apr 15, 2016Blackened 24
Apr 18, 2016Blackened 25
Apr 20, 2016Blackened 26
Apr 22, 2016Blackened 27
Apr 25, 2016Blackened 28

Living Saint

Our heroes are captured and separated. But, an old friend has returned. Will it change their chances?
Apr 27, 2016Living Saint Cover
May 02, 2016Living Saint 1
May 04, 2016Living Saint 2
May 06, 2016Living Saint 3
May 09, 2016Living Saint 4
May 11, 2016Living Saint 5
May 13, 2016Living Saint 6
May 16, 2016Living Saint 7
May 18, 2016Living Saint 8
May 20, 2016Living Saint 9
May 23, 2016Living Saint 10
May 25, 2016Living Saint 11
May 27, 2016Living Saint 12
May 30, 2016Living Saint 13
Jun 01, 2016Living Saint 14
Jun 03, 2016Living Saint 15
Jun 06, 2016Living Saint 16
Jun 08, 2016Living Saint 17
Jun 10, 2016Living Saint 18
Jun 13, 2016Living Saint 19
Jun 15, 2016Living Saint 20
Jun 17, 2016Living Saint 21
Jun 20, 2016Living Saint 22
Jun 22, 2016Living Saint 23
Jun 24, 2016Living Saint 24
Jun 27, 2016Living Saint 25
Jun 29, 2016Living Saint 26
Jul 01, 2016Living Saint 27
Jul 04, 2016Living Saint 28

Nameless City

How Father Ben came back from the dead.

Hammer to Fall

The completion of Phineus: The Hollow Earth, where forces clash over the fates of Phineus and Sara and the fate of the Earth, itself!
Jul 13, 2016Hammer To Fall 1
Jul 15, 2016Hammer To Fall 2
Jul 18, 2016Hammer To Fall 3
Jul 20, 2016Hammer To Fall 4
Jul 22, 2016Hammer To Fall 5
Jul 25, 2016Hammer To Fall 6
Jul 27, 2016Hammer To Fall 7
Jul 29, 2016Hammer To Fall 8
Aug 08, 2016Hammer To Fall 9
Aug 10, 2016Hammer To Fall 10
Aug 12, 2016Hammer To Fall 11
Aug 15, 2016Hammer To Fall 12
Aug 17, 2016Hammer To Fall 13
Aug 19, 2016Hammer To Fall 14
Aug 22, 2016Hammer To Fall 15
Aug 24, 2016Hammer To Fall 16
Aug 29, 2016Hammer to Fall 17
Aug 31, 2016Hammer to Fall 18
Sep 02, 2016Hammer To Fall 19
Sep 05, 2016Hammer To Fall 20
Sep 07, 2016Hammer to Fall 21
Sep 09, 2016Hammer to Fall 22
Sep 12, 2016Hammer To Fall 23
Sep 14, 2016Hammer To Fall 24
Sep 16, 2016Hammer To Fall 25
Sep 19, 2016Hammer To Fall 26
Sep 21, 2016Hammer to Fall 27
Sep 23, 2016Hammer to Fall 28
Sep 26, 2016Hammer To Fall 29
Sep 27, 2016Hammer To Fall 30

How We Won The War

The Liberty Lads, America’s elite super force during World War 2 saved the world from the Thule Society and their Lovecraftian allies in 1943.
Sep 28, 2016How We Won the War

Noeland Collins’ Werewolf Conundrum

This story takes place in 2012, just before “The Brain Eaters”. It’s a tale 4 years in the making. Comic and film making mastermind, Noeland Collins has been working off and on for a few years. what you have here is a massive and gorgeous 50 page science fiction and action tale. Noeland is the master of action, tone and shadows in his art.

Family Secrets

25th Anniversary issue of Phineus!
Dec 16, 2016Family Secrets 1
Dec 20, 2016Family Secrets 2
Jan 03, 2017Family Secrets 3
Jan 06, 2017Family Secrets 4
Jan 18, 2017Family Secrets 5
Jan 20, 2017Family Secrets 6
Jan 30, 2017Family Secrets 7
Feb 10, 2017Family Secrets 8
Feb 15, 2017Family Secrets 9
Feb 22, 2017Family Secrets 10
Feb 28, 2017Family Secrets 11
Mar 02, 2017Family Secrets 12
Mar 07, 2017Family Secrets 13
Mar 09, 2017Family Secrets 14
Mar 28, 2017Family Secrets 15
Mar 30, 2017Family Secrets 16
Apr 04, 2017Family Secrets 17
Apr 07, 2017Family Secrets 18
Apr 14, 2017Family Secrets 19
Apr 19, 2017Family Secrets 20
Apr 21, 2017Family Secrets 21
Apr 25, 2017Family Secrets 22

Should I Stay Or Should I Migo Part 1

William Feist and his crew are contacted by mysterious figures who want to help stop the end of the world. Are these connected?

Should I Stay Or Should I Migo Part 2

Sara is pregnant with Nikki, she’s been marked by the forces of Shub Niggarath and her minions are after Sara and the baby.

Should I Stay Or Should I Migo Part 3

The meeting between Phineus and Feist doesn’t go well. Will ,they make nice and help each other? Will Sara escape the clutches of the Shubbites?

Should I Stay Or Should I Migo Part 4

Sara, trapped by the mad Dr. Nachmann! Phineus & Rae, trapped in the Archive! William, possessed by the evil Migo! How will our heroes save the day, if they can’t save themselves?

Paranormal Pickers

TVs hottest new show, about a pair of friends, Glenn & Howie, who travel the country looking for the US's weirdest paranormal oddities. Lead, from their office in Ohio, by Dia, who finds leads for their adventures.
Aug 25, 2017Paranormal Pickers

Phineus Shorts

Tales in the Phineus universe.

Classic Phineus

The original Phineus: Magician for Hire series. 1991 - 2013.