All the comics from the early, early days of Phineus, from 1991 through the present.

Volume 1- Phin and Sara’s first adventures from the indy published comics of the 90’s.

Volume 2- The expanded adventures of the Beam’s in the early 2000’s.

Volume 3- The Beams face off against terrorists, Aliens, Giants and Zombies.

The Great Jaguar Paw- The Beams and GD7 face off against an ancient evil demigod.

Volume 4- Phin & Sara meet Gnomes, demons, goblins & a very hungry Easter Island Head.

Volume 5- Some of the more Lovecraftian Phineus stories to date.

Volume 6- Sara and Phin’s lives and life together are challenged by the Migo, Vampires and Infidelity.

New Phineus Archives

The Kali Saga- The Epic story line of Earth’s heroes against the forces of Kali the Destroyer.

Volume 8- The aftermath of the Beams in a world after Kali.

The Hollow Earth- Our heroes travel to the center of the Earth to save the upper world from invasion.

The Chosen One- And the special little girl.

Phineus Tales

Kris Kringle- Santa and his brave dwarves.

One Shots- One off stories in the Phineus universe.

Teen Wizard- Phin & friends in college in the 80’s.